Energy Efficient Windows

California Showcase Construction When the owner of the company, Brian Jones started this company, it was 2008. He started out of his garage and he had a vision to be able to grow his company and move out of that garage someday. He had good people working for him and just has grown ever since. [...]

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Commercial Electrical Service and Repair

Ok, so let's say you own a business or in charge of maintaining a facility. And you have a breakdown, emergency, or just need general electrical maintenance and upgrades. For example - you lose power or a phase, breakers trip for essential equipment, or you just need help with adding or trouble-shooting existing wiring, lighting [...]

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Tough Job Series | Epic Deep Space Auditorium

There's people who question at times whether I work for Epic or I work for Cullen. And that's the way I think it should be. I'm providing a service to them and I need to understand their business as much as I can. It's literally millions of square feet and it's all different kinds of [...]

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Introduction for EEM-166 Commercial and industrial wiring

Welcome to commercial and industrial wiring and safety EEM 166 developed by Mary Anton and Jeremy Morris From Aiken Technical College collaboration with Clemson University. Through the generous support of the Assist Grant Dedicated to open source learning. This course is designed to provide learner with the information that they will need safely work with [...]

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Is Commercial Property Now A More Attractive Investment Than Residential Property?

I was really lucky to invite, a top performer, real estate agent. You are probably very familiar with his name, because you will see his name everywhere, especially if you see a commercial shop. On the front gate, you will see his name. Let me tell you, he is Michael Chen, from James Law. Michael [...]

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Construction Spotlight: Anglin Farms

I grew up on a small farm that I would go in the summer, and work, and help, and be around, and everything, and always loved it. And I always wanted something like that of my own and just finally get the right opportunity. There's the same story to every bank, one day, anywhere from [...]

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How to Buy a Government Surplus Army Truck or Humvee – Dirt Every Day Extra

Dirt Every Day Extras go live every weekday on Motor Trend. On Demand here's an example of an episode you missed last week this Dirt Every Day Extra. I want to talk to you about buying a government surplus vehicle. There's a company online called Gov Planet and they also have a sister company called [...]

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The ATA Group

The ATA Group: "Canopy has Revolutionized My Firm" The way Canopy affects my day-to-day operations is that I start with canopy and I end with Canopy everyday. I'm James Watt. I'm the CEO and founder of the ATA Group, a small consulting and tax practice right outside of Kansas City. The ATA group is a [...]

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Sustainable Construction – Market Trends

Buildings have huge impacts on our natural environment and these impacts need to be reduced dramatically. Excuse me? Can you make it short? Of course we can! Let’s start with some figures. In 2050: We will still have ONE planet There will be 9 to 10 billion inhabitants 70% of us will be living in [...]

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Gateway Business Plan

To build the Gateway Spaceport in low-earth orbit we first need to first create a rigid framework, a structure. Before we can build any structure in the space there must be a financial structure down here to grow from. My name is John Blincow I'm President of the Gateway Foundation. Today we will discuss our [...]

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