Hi, today I want to show you How I will make a Witch House and I will make this house again from recycling material. I will use plastic bottle and I will cut the top of plastic bottle. I use 2 smaller plastic bottles. On the bigger plastic bottle I will draw a door and from top of plastic bottle I will cut strips about 2 cm wide. And i will fix this strips with hot glue gun on the line. I will fix plastic bottles together with duct tape and now I will cut strips from old t shirts and I will cut strips about 10 cm wide.

But it’s not important. This strips must be bigger than are plastic bottles. Here I have stripes and now it’s time for make concrete. I will mix concrete with water. This mixture should be more dilute. Now I use gloves protect my hand and I will start dipping strips into the concrete. I will put stripe across the edge of the plastic bottle. above the door I use smaller strips and I will make a shape the door. I will do this same around plastic bottles.

If is your mixture is too much dried you can use more water. and I have a first layer and I have a first layer and I will leave to dry for couple of hours and I will make a cone from cardboard for make a roof. Here I have a cone and I will cut wheels from old t shirt.

Here I have 2 wheels and I will cut one wheel smaller. I will covert cone with plastic bag. I will deeping fabric into the concrete mixture. and put these wheels on the cone and I will make a roof. and I added one more smallest wheel. and here is my dry castle I will make a hole into the plastic bottle. I will make a second layer. I put more concrete on the smaller parts o the top. After drying roof I remove cone. and here is my roof.


After drying I will remove more plastic bottle. I put castle on the correct place on my garden and I will fix roof on the castle with concrete and I have a new cute decoration. and I have finished. I made this decoration, new decoration for my garden and it’s again from recycling material and it’s looks nice. You can use some lights inside for night and it will be nice decoration for your garden. Please subscribe me or leave me message what you think. See you next time. Bye.