Ok, so let’s say you own a business or in charge of maintaining a facility. And you have a breakdown, emergency, or just need general electrical maintenance and upgrades. For example – you lose power or a phase, breakers trip for essential equipment, or you just need help with adding or trouble-shooting existing wiring, lighting or switches. Who should I call? “A” – A local electrical worker, you Googled? Or “B” – A professional licensed electrician from Hypower? Your answer should be “B”, Hypower, and there are some pretty important reasons why.

See, handyman electrical worker may charge less, but the quality of work you get could cost you more in the long run. The bar is set pretty low to qualify as handyman electrical worker… only hardware store level electrical knowledge is required. So while the local handy man appears to be cheaper on an hourly basis, you could actually spend MORE in the long run. ” A self-proclaimed electrician has no formal education or certification. They haven’t been trained in safety measures, don’t have the right safety equipment, and they lack critical emergency response and communication skills. In contrast, an experienced licensed electrician from Hypower follows a system of established procedures. So when you take it all in consideration, Hypower is Cheaper, Safer and Better.


All Hypower technicians are licensed by the State of Florida Electrical Contractor Licensing Board, certified by OSHA for 10 hour level training, ARC FLASH certified and certified to administer First Aid and CPR. The difference for you is like night and day. With Hypower you get experience, safety, speed, and satisfaction. So, the next time you have an electrical emergency, you know who to call so you’ll be up and running fast.