California Showcase Construction

When the owner of the company, Brian Jones started this company, it was 2008. He started out of his garage and he had a vision to be able to grow his company and move out of that garage someday. He had good people working for him and just has grown ever since. Brian is a very hard worker. He meets every customer so the homeowners are meeting the owner of this company. Our motto is, our most important job is yours. Every single job we do is very important to that homeowner and we have to take care of them like they’re a family member.

We specialize in top of the line, energy star windows. It does help with dirt, bugs, insects, pollen, allergens coming in the house, also security. The first month they see an actual savings in their energy costs. We also do roofing, heating and air conditioning, we do Texcote which is a permanent paint, we do patio covers, whole house fans. One of the major awards that we’ve won was the Anlin Dealer of the Year and we’re very proud of that. If you’re a customer of California Showcase you can expect the job to be done right. You can expect not to pay if the job is not done right.

We don’t try to get over on people. We do good work and we’ll make sure of it and we guarantee our work so you do not sign the completion until your satisfied with the work and it’s done properly. California Showcase Construction is very excited about being a HERO Registered Contractor. We feel it’s good for the customer as well as good for our company. Working with California Showcase was great because not only were they very knowledgeable about the products that they sell and install, they were also very knowledgeable about the HERO Program which made it extremely easy to apply and before we knew it, we had new windows. We’re helping people become more energy efficient and love their house more. It’s a very good feeling to walk away from that.