MSPO Kielce 2017 – Maskpol System Dromader, MAPA I WMASG Events

This is crew from 25th International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland. We had a chance to present MAPA camouflage, this time in a new edition. Under Polish Armaments Group supervision.

– MASKPOL, as far as I can see, right?

– Right. With MASKPOL we are presenting here one of the versions of MAPA camouflage. It’s the debut at exhibition in Kielce. Alongside camouflage, the Dromader webbing is being presented. The camouflage is adopted for two types of textiles already. That’s US22 – standard textile used at Polish Armed Forces and cordura 750D from local production. Thanks to that we could have prepared additional presenting the camouflage itself and solutions regarding personal webbing. There are rumours, the camouflage is created specifficly for Teritoral Army being formed. Can you tell us more about that? If it comes to decisions regarding politics and strategy of using these products in a future I am not authorized for disclosing such information. So, still in mysterious circumstances.

– Yet, we still can find out what other color versions are to be planned, right?

– Yes. The version presented here is universal. There are also versions dedicated for seasons, such as Spring or Summer.

– So, when can we expect wider offer? I presume, the ready-made products will be presented in June 2018. Tell me please, binding with Polish Armaments Group is a boost, brake or necessity for you?

– I think it’s a great boost. Mostly because now we can conduct various types of research and later there are huge manufacturing capacities. That’s a huge step ahead, as before all of these actions were conducted on a very small scale. Mostly due to financial possibilities. MAPA is a great example, as if we have something good and we are ready to invest in it, so we can have something own, splendind an constantly developed. I think it was some kind of determination to overcome some obstacles and imaginary limits. Other important factor was a patience to develop this idea. When it comes to camouflages, some various concepts are still being researched.

– If you have mentioned that, let me know how it will be with commercial market? Is it just for military will it be available for civilians?

That’s a question for MASKPOL management. The company will decie to either make it exclusively for military or not. Splendid. My qustions are done.Thank you and good luck! Dromader is the system designed by PGZ. The target is Teritorial Army. The key question is not only MAPA camouflage, but also the webbing proposed by PGZ to Teritorial Army. It contains belt, plate carrier, helmet with a cover and all other pieces, including the uniform. One of the biggest novelties is Shooter’s Cut plate. In comparison to usual SAPI it’s easier to shot from a carbine. As we know, Teritorial Army will be using MSBS “GROT” carbines. That’s why all the pouches are prepared for STANA magazines Apart from the plate carries, crucial piece of the system is a belt having various functions, yoke, battle belt and traditional belt with harness attachment point. A lot of pieces, a lot to talk about. Making long story short – plate carrier with ballistic cummerbund.

– What else can I say?

– We used Special Forces experience, but it’s designed for light infantry. It may seem it’s the equipment for Special Forces but the entire design is so clever it will work fine with light infantry. Thanks for a lot of details. I can see some side plates here. Right. Side plates are very important. That’s why this soldier will be protected better. Also the helmet with a nw cut. It will facilitate using active ear muffs an comes. With completly new cover. The net on it prevents shining in IR when wet. I could talk hours about all the little pieces. Generally, we consider it a revolution in military. We hope it will make the way to Teritorial Army. Recently “Made in Poland” is very fashionable. So, is the textile sewed and printed in Poland? Yes. Everyting is made in Poland, in MASKPOL company the textile was pronted in ANDROPOL It’s entirely local product From design to manufacture.

– I understand it while having Cordura as a reference the performance is similar to what density?

– 750. Cordura 750 with DWR. It’s thin Cordura, but as I have said, we used aramid as support in crucial points. A thin layer of ballistic material I got it. Thanks a lot for a conversation. I think we know everything. We are happy about the fact of Polish products being better and better, as well as rising interest of Armed Forces.

– Hello. My name is Maciej Stopniak. Maskpol company. The member of Polish Armaments Group. I am responsible for entire Dromader project. The aim of a project is designing 90 pieces of equipment for light infantry. As well as new camouflage pattern. So far we have 28 pieces I would like to mention, they were created in a very short period of time. About 30 working days, sitting in the office from 6AM to 10PM. With the use of Maskpol resources of course.

– Do you plan to fix some upgrades to already made pieces?

– Or it wasn’t simply done for this exhibition? Obviously it’s not done. It’s just a first prototype. For sure there will be some amendments. When it comes to uniform though we made unique polycotton textile similar to US22 rip-stop. We also got a material corresponant to Cordura 750 DWR. We gave up on traditional 1000 or even 1100 with dubble rubbering. We wanted to make it as light as possible. Some innovations – we obviously use MOLLE/PALS standard. All pieces from ITW NEXUS poliamid tapes. Not to mention high-class velcro, but well – it’s not all. We will do a lot more. OK. I got it.

– So the equipment we have here will be also developed or simply modified? I mean will elements like grenade pouches be added?

– First of all – backpacks. Right now you can see here just single pouches for magazines and ammo. We will extend it to cargo pouches, RT pouches etc. When it comes to backpacks – 5L, 15L, 30L and 120L infantry backpacks. All of that is the part of a project.

– Do recently signed contracts let us know, when and who will use it?

– The test phase will be aggressive and starts this year. In October our products are going to be sent to combat units for tests. Of course we intend to introuce it large-scale Both in Land Forces and Teritorial Army. There are a lot of challeges ahead, as we need to follow some procedures. Some events may be done faster, but not all. What can I say about contract? Maskpol company got exclusive license for MAPA camouflage. That contract was signed before this exhibition.

– There is a question that must be direct – Is MAPA and Dromader to be introduced at Teritorial Army only?

– Well, some of Dromader systems piece may appear in TITAN Future Soldier System. For sure Terotorial Army won’t be exclusive on this solution. That’s simply good webbing system. We also wanted to have some “exhibition effect”. When we start to analyze webbings. On one handle we have CT elite units. Working in small teams. On the other hand, we have so called “the rest”. Needs of these groups are complettly different. This, what you can see here is somehow making it in a middle for them. It’s both interesting for spectators and also durable enough to make a good job in a field. For sure it’s not an ultimate answer for needs of all plausible users. That’s just a fragment of bigger entity.

– I understand.

– It’s still being developed. You are pushing forward. I am curious, what can you show within next 30 days if previous 30 was so fruitful. One of the option is recently popular laser cut. The technology made some leap recently. At Maskpol we got technology of blending various types of layers. So, we can make some durable laser-cuts. Laser cut is lighter and provides better camouflage properties. On the other hand we want to introduce vests with greater protection surface. Something like Kandahar system employed to middle east with Polish Armed Forces.

– Thanks a lot for a conversation then.