Gateway Business Plan

To build the Gateway Spaceport in low-earth orbit we first need to first create a rigid framework, a structure. Before we can build any structure in the space there must be a financial structure down here to grow from. My name is John Blincow I'm President of the Gateway Foundation. Today we will discuss our [...]

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Learn to Love & Embrace the Struggles..

So from starting out from not knowing how to draw porch beams to doing some of the jobs we're doing now... I'd say that's pretty good progress.. Don't you think? I think you did pretty good Ralph. So, when I first got started in this business it was around 2005, I started out working designing [...]

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Energy use in Buildings

Energy use in Buildings - Sustainable Energy - TU Delft How much energy does my home need? After looking at the energy use in transportation in the last lecture, we will now turn our attention to the energy use in our buildings and homes. How does a house use energy? The largest share of the [...]

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