The ATA Group: “Canopy has Revolutionized My Firm”

The way Canopy affects my day-to-day operations is that I start with canopy and I end with Canopy everyday. I’m James Watt. I’m the CEO and founder of the ATA Group, a small consulting and tax practice right outside of Kansas City. The ATA group is a CFO services strategic partner firm. We really want to help clients and owners of businesses chart courses to obtain the future and to obtain their vision. Canopy, for my firm, has not helped it, that’s an understatement, it’s revolutionized my firm because it gives me a platform to track what I need to engage and when I need to engage with my clients.

So I needed canopy to automate a lot of processes that I was either doing manually or in a OneNote document that I was having to clear out and reprint. I use the task templates and the workflow automation to launch new companies. Before Canopy, it took me months to achieve what I can now do in a week or two. If it is a simple LLC, I can launch it in a day because of what Canopy has brought to the table for me.

Canopy has allowed me to be remote and to work virtually because I don’t have to have it on a server and then roll it out to multiple workstations. It’s accessible 24/7, so regardless of where I’m at, I have my clients data at my fingertips anytime. Canopy has definitely helped me gain more clients. It has actually helped me land about $3,000 in reoccurring revenue and it’s actually growing. By the end of next month, it will be about $10,000 in reoccurring revenue. There’s not a day that I’m not in Canopy with my computer open. I have to have it to be able to be successful in my role.

I guess to summarize it, I can automate my processes that I have for clients more efficiently, more effectively, and in a quicker turnaround time, and it allows me and my junior associate a structured platform to just provide quality service.