I grew up on a small farm that I would go in the summer, and work, and help, and be around, and everything, and always loved it. And I always wanted something like that of my own and just finally get the right opportunity. There’s the same story to every bank, one day, anywhere from $250 to $350,000 down. And I said, “There’s no way we can do that.” We was looking on the Internet and found Live Oak Bank.They had real flexible financing, real down o earth people.

First guy I spoke to was Mr. Randy. I kind of told him what I had…what I was looking to do, what I was wanting to buy, what I was looking for. He tells me…he said, “I think we might can work with that.” They gave me a application. We filled it out. I was so excited because this is something that I had been wanting for over 10 years. And just seeing the progression of it along the way, see the dirt work start, seeing the chicken houses come up. And each little step of it, very rewarding knowing that we worked so hard but our work was paying off. It was very humbling to know that. Bank would put enough trust in us to go with us and help us throughout the process of building the farm and getting everything ready. The ability to start my own business, it has been definitely a life-changer for me.

Now, I’m going to be able to be at home and spend time with my family. Whenever I decide to retire, I will hand this over to them and this will be theirs. You need veterans that are looking to get into farming.