Welcome to commercial and industrial wiring and safety EEM 166 developed by Mary Anton and Jeremy Morris From Aiken Technical College collaboration with Clemson University. Through the generous support of the Assist Grant Dedicated to open source learning. This course is designed to provide learner with the information that they will need safely work with and around commercial industrial power systems. This course has been designed as an open source document meaning that the information is free to share under the Creative Commons copyright. More information is available at the end of this text.


EEM 166 commercial and industrial wiring has been divided into 11 sections. The flow of the course this meant to reflect a full process from the ground up. Meaning start of a build project all the way to machine operation. We will begin with safety and construction print reading. Then install the conduit race ways. will take some extra time to discuss the “how-to” with bending conduit befor we investigate raceways a little bit more. With the raceways in place we will size up our wire and work out the power needs for the panel or disconnect or fusebox.

Then we pull wire after the wire is in place will spend some time connecting the control wiring and the control system. We will examine special needs for electrical pneumatic controls as well as load calculations for lighting and inductive loads. By the end of this course you can expect to be considerably more knowledgeable you will be able to perform lock out tag out procedures identify symbols instructions on electrical drawing select, manipulate, and install conduit analyze and select conduit, wire, switches, and receptacles for a given circuit, interpret the wiring diagram to select the appropriate terminal blocks wire size and color. And then connect the control panel examine a power diagram then select needed items to connect operate control circuit for pneumatic system calculate load requirements for small commercial facility welcome to EEM-166 commercial and Industrial Wiring.